I recently reconnected with a girlfriend that I’d had since grade school.  We came up through school in different circumstances, she in Catholic school, I in public, but we were neighbors and then in the same Girl Scout troop.  I believe we were called the Daisy’s, or something cutsie like that.  We hung out in high school some, but she always had a boyfriend and I was too busy being a rebel, or actually, a little shit.  We drifted apart after high school and for many years barely saw each other.  Then, after running into her unexpectedly, and discovering a shared passion – writing – we picked up again seamlessly. We correspond weekly and see each other every chance we can.  She has become for me, that friend with whom I can share anything.  Friendship, like a fine wine, ages gracefully and with a little nurturing, opens like a rare flower.  Thanks, Barb.

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The stories of those that came before us, and their impact on the present, are a constant source of inspiration for me.
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