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My husband and I attended Jonesfest in Kennan, WI this last Saturday night.  This is the perfect example of a few making a difference for many.  The event was put together by people who simply love to perform and saw a need.  It is no secret that our rural schools here in northern Wisconsin are suffering as I’m sure rural schools are across the country.

Local bands performed in front of a cabin free of charge to a crowd of about 400 (I’m guessing), served food for a donation and sold beverages.  Several raffles took place as well.  The generosity of people was amazing as was the talent displayed.

As I sat there on my lawn chair under the stars, white lights hanging from the trees, a bonfire lighting the night from beyond, and the rousing strains of fiddles and guitars filling my ears, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect country night.

And the best part – all proceeds went to the Phillips School Districts music department.


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